Scott Kaye's Basement Tapes

 Join Scott Kaye for deep cuts, lost classics and the forgotten hits of classic
rock that the boss let's him bring in from home every weekday at 8:20am.

If you miss it on air, you can also hear it, on-demand, when
you open The Eagle
on line player and click the "Library" tab.

Here is a list of the latest songs Scott's recently dusted off:


5/5/14- “Shinin’ On” Grand Funk Railroad
5/6/14- “Let It Rock” Bob Seger
5/7/14- “Blow Away” George Harrison
5/8/14- “Jeopardy”  Greg Kihn Band
5/9/14- “Captain Jack” Billy Joel

5/12/14- “Seeing Things” The Black Crowes
5/13/16- “Lawyers, Guns & Money” Warren Zevon
5/14/14- “Road To Knowhere” Talking Heads
5/15/14- “Action, Not Words” Def Leppard
5/16/14- “Memory Hotel” Rolling Stones

5/19/14- “Viva Las Vegas” ZZ Top
5/20/14- “High Time We Went” Joe Cocker
5/21/14- “Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive” Men At Work
5/22/14- “Piano Man” Prev. unreleased live Billy Joel
5/23/14- “I Missed Again” Phil Collins

5/27/14- “Remember The Heroes” Sammy Hagar
5/28/14- “Get Over It” Eagles
5/29/14- “Simple Sister” Procul Harum
5/30/14- “Sway” Rolling Stones

6/2/14- “Blues For Baby And Me” Elton John
6/3/14- “Once Bitten Twice Shy” Ian Hunter
6/4/14- “Whole Lotta Love” Led Zeppelin (prev. unreleased version)
6/5/14- “All Mixed Up” Cars
6/6/14- “Give Peace A Chance/Cold Turkey” John Lennon

6/9/14- “Blinded By The Light” Bruce Springsteen
6/10/14- “It Doesn’t Matter” Stephen Stills & Manassas
6/11/14- “Rough Housin’”.38 Special
6/12/14- “Little Guitars” Van Halen
6/13/14- “Cut Across Shorty” Rod Stewart Unplugged

6/16/15- “Monterey” The Animals
6/17/14- “Bobby Jean” Bruce Springsteen
6/18/14- “1985” Paul McCartney & Wings
6/19/14- “How Can I Refuse” Heart
6/20/14- “Summertime” Take 1 Janis Joplin