Attorney General Candidate's Opinions on Shift of Job Responsibilities

Republican cadidate for Nebraska Attorney General, Brian Buescher, sat down with KFOR and talked about how he thinks the jobs is changing. Buescher says the Attorney General has traditionally been the state's top criminal lawyer but that the Obama Administration has forced Attorneys General to expand beyond that role. According to Buescher, Federal Government activity is threatening state's rights. He says hard fought lawsuits are already being waged by  Attorney General Jon Bruning over Obamacare and EPA surveillance. Buescher predicts the next area going to court will be the endangered species act. Buescher pointed to the Obama Administration's mandates in Birth Control, and rural Environmental surveillance, as areas in which the federal government needs to be pushed back in the courts. He doesn't think that gay marriage is going to become an issue in Nebraska anytime soon. Buescher says Nebraska is not likely to join the parade of states recently abandoning traditional marriage laws. Buescher called the current Federal stand "troubling" but said there's no indication that the entire nation will be forced to legalize gay marriage. Buescher practices agricultural law.