Heineman Signs Wind-Energy Bill

LINCOLN -- Governor%20Heineman%202.jpg" style="width: 140px; float: left; height: 140px" />Governor Heineman didn't care for the wind-energy bill he has signed into law, but he did it to prevent the city of Omaha from increasing its local option sales tax. The bill is designed to stimulate wind-energy production in Nebraska by offering sales tax breaks to companies which invest at least $20 million in a renewable energy project. The governor sees it as a tax giveaway to out-of-state companies, but he supported another part of the bill rescinding Omaha's ability to ask voters for a 1/2-cent sales tax increase. The governor says he would have used a line-item veto to strike the wind-energy portions of the bill, but he can only use that power with budget bills.

Gov. Dave Heineman-(R)-Neb.

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