Council Approves of Entertainment Districts

LINCOLN -- Lincoln's Historic Haymarket is now an entertainment district, much like the Power and Light in Kansas City. It allows people to drink outside, within 500 feet of a building holding at least 700 people. In Lincoln, that includes the new Pinnacle Bank Arena, the Lied Center for Performing Arts, Pershing Center as well as two other venues. In the district, one bar must serve food and it would close at 1am. You'll be able to buy a drink in one business, leave with it and go into the common area. The Railyard in the Historic Haymarket District will contain up to nine different businesses surrounding a common area. The council amended the measure to allow you to be able to buy two drinks at a time, allowing a person to buy a beverage for someone else in addition to their own. In other council action, there will be no more outdoor donation boxes. The City Council has voted to ban donation boxes benefiting for-profit companies rather than private organizations. A City Council measure would get rid of the perceived deception allowing only non-profits to run donation boxes through a city permit.

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