Water Levels Okay In The East, Still Dry In The West

LINCOLN -- Not too high...not too low. Water levels are just right now in the Platte and Missouri rivers. Well below flood stage, according to the Army Corps of Engineers. Just last year, you could walk in an inch of water all the way across the Platte River. It was that dry. 2011 was just the opposite..too much water. Roads, highways and farms were flooded for miles. A spokesperson for the Corp of Engineers says experts don't anticipate anything like that this summer. Drought is the last thing on our minds right now...but our Nebraska neighbors west of here remain dry. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor points out only 7% of the southeast corner of the state is no longer experiencing drought. At UN-L, the National Drought Mitigation Center says the other 93% of the state is still gripped by drought, but it's not nearly as severe. Only 39% of Nebraska in the western half of the state is experiencing either extreme or exceptional drought right now. Three months ago, 96% of the state fell into one of those two categories of drought.



MIssouri River near Hamburg, IA during the flood of 2011. (Courtesy photo)


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