Buffet Invites Minnesota Dairy Queen Manager to Omaha

HOPKINS, MN -- A Dairy Queen manager in Hopkins, Minnesota, who came to the aid of a visually impaired customer, has gone viral on the Internet and social media. On September 10th, Joey Prusak saw one of his regular customers come in to order a sundae. While paying, the visually impaired man dropped a $20 bill on the floor. Another customer picked it up put it in her purse...then ordered from Prusak, who confronted her, saying he saw her pick up the money. The woman claimed it was hers. Prusek told the woman he wasn't going to serve someone as disrespectful as her, so she could return the $20 bill and he'd serve her, or she could leave. The woman left. Prusak went back to the visually impaired customer who dropped the money and gave him $20 of his own money. A co-worker posted it on Facebook...then it went to Reddit, where it went viral. Warren Buffet, who owns Dairy Queen has invited to fly Pusak to Omaha for the next Berkshire Hathaway company meeting.
(courtesy photo)